The Refuge

Our mission is to establish, maintain, and operate a Christian outreach and resource center where refuge is available along with physical and spiritual nourishment. Biblically based .training, worship, recreation, fellowship, and ministry for adults and children. The Refuge provides the resources, education, and opportunities that allow people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds to live reconciled, healthy, and abundant lives. The Refuge also provides opportunities for people to share their gifts, talents, and financial resources with those in need.

Compassion House

Compassion House is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services as a Rule 31 Residential Chemical Dependency Treatment Program for Men. As such, Compassion House offers two levels of treatment: High Intensity (commonly known as in-patient) with 30 treatment hours per week per resident; Medium Intensity with 15 treatment hours per week, per resident.

The target population for Compassion House is men with a completed Rule 25 assessment with a High or Medium recommendation.