The Refuge

Our mission is to establish, maintain, and operate a Christian outreach and resource center where refuge is available along with physical and spiritual nourishment. Biblically based .training, worship, recreation, fellowship, and ministry for adults and children. The Refuge provides the resources, education, and opportunities that allow people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds to live reconciled, healthy, and abundant lives. The Refuge also provides opportunities for people to share their gifts, talents, and financial resources with those in need.

Rising Entertainment

Is a Christian Concert promotion company that began 15 years ago. The president, David A. Leckie, has worked diligently to build a solid foundation for communities like yours to be the recipients of amazing Christian Artists, comedians and speakers. David is hopeful that you will experience the love of Jesus Christ at Hopefest 2017.

Rising Hope Foundation

“Providing shelter and healing while igniting hope and restoration to those freed from the abuses of human trafficking.”