Give the Gift of Life

At HopeFest our core mission is just that,  Giving Hope.  In a world that seems like a rudderless ship, we have a hope anchored in the solid rock of Jesus Christ.  And this Summer we want to give you the opportunity to share the fun, fellowship, and time of hope and community with your co-workers, friends, and co-neighbors, those come in contact with everyday who may be searching for hope in their own lives.  To help you reach them , we are starting the Reach One Campaign.  If you buy 10 or more tickets to HopeFest through the special link below, we at HopeFest will match that purchase with 10 free tickets, 20 tickets purchased get 20 free.  Also, we are extending out buy one get one free on camping through the Reach One Campaign. So help be a giver of hope today,  contact our offices at  218-652-6824